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Top 9 Brisbane Contemporary Art Galleries

Brisbane is a city which is located in Australia and whose art scene have expanded and bustled quickly since the establishment of the Gallery of Modern Art in the city. You get to see beautiful and interesting arts in several galleries that are located in the city.

Redsea Gallery

The Redsea Gallery in Brisbane is a branch of the successful gallery of the same name in Singapore, which is owned by Charlie and Chris Churcher. The gallery features a collection of art works from Europe, South East Asia, New Zealand and Australia including illustrations, painting and sculpture amongst others. Some artists the gallery feature their work include Kerrie Hess, Val and Zong Chen.

Woolloongabba Art Gallery

Another nice gallery in Brisbane city is the Woolloongabba Art Gallery. The gallery hosts several art collections including photographic works, installations, paper works, ceramics, sculptures and paintings. It also has a lot of Indigenous art work from Australia and also supported a lot of established local artists.

Spiro Grace Art Rooms

The Spiro Grace Art Rooms was opened in 2010 and is encouraging the work of indigenous artists from Brisbane and Australia. It also has an installation, known as Daniel Templeman where visitors are invited to get a space inside the gallery.

Edwina Corlette Gallery

The Edwina Corlette Gallery was founded by Edwina Corlette, who was Jan Murphy’s former worker. The gallery has a lot of programs for group and solo exhibition. The gallery focuses on promoting South Pacific and Australian artists. You can get to see digital art, installation, sculpture, photography, printmaking and painting.

Jan Murphy Gallery

Jan Murphy has the reputation of being among the most popular art galleries in Brisbane. A lot of upcoming and successful artists had been showcased from the 3 windows of the gallery. Some of the art works that are displayed in the gallery include Rhys Lee’s animate and abstract pictures, Ben Quilty’s powerful portraits and Kirra Jamison’s colorful curves.

Philip Bacon Galleries

The Philip Bacon Galleries was established in the Fortitude Valley in 1974, where it got a space for exhibition. In 2001, a major redesign was carried out in the building. The building displays the work of famous artists from Australia such as Tim Storrier, Robert Dickerson, Margaret Olley and William Robinson amongst others.

Institute of Modern Art

The Institute of Modern Art was founded in 1975 and is renowned for being about the first venues for contemporary art in Australia. It is currently under the Center for Judith Wright where several form of arts, including contemporary performance, theater, music, dance, circus and cabaret mix are carried out. The gallery runs exhibition events and programs where stimulating sounds, moving image, multimedia and installations are displayed.

QUT Art Museum

This museum hosts several paper works, decorative arts, ceramics, sculptures and painting. You get to see a lot of regular exhibitions and new ones are regularly added. It also has a collection of William Robinson paintings.

Gallery of Modern Art

The gallery which was founded as a complement for the Art Gallery of Queensland in 2006 is among the largest Australian contemporary and modern galleries of Art. The artistically designed building hosts several collections from both local and international artists. It is also very close from the city center and features night openings, a bookshop, art merchandise and a permanent center for children’s art.

Brisbane has a lot to offer in terms of galleries and art works. You should therefore visit Brisbane soon to explore their world of art.

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