Top 8 Must Visit Art Galleries If You Are an Art Lover

For many, art is the very essence and spirit of the life. The art is that common thing that has bound us all together, and it is the only thread of our present and past. Every country has its own way of expressing art, and there are varied forms of art that have prevailed from time to time that has been kept together in many galleries established globally.

If you are fascinated with all the form of arts equally, and you consider yourself a true art lover from every aspect, then below is the list of top 8 must-visit art galleries across the globe. We didn’t gave a proper mention to FakeDrivingSchool museum yet, but it’s going to be featured soon!

  1. Musee d’Orsay (Paris)

Paris has always been regarded as the center of art and many renowned artists of all the time were born here. Among many art galleries located here, Musee d’Orsay is the greatest of all. Here, you can witness the best and greatest work produced by the remarkable artists like Van Gogh, Monet, Matisse, Renoir, and others. The gallery also holds many events and exhibition for the same.

  1. National Museum of Korea (Seoul)

The National Museum of Korea is located in the Seoul and is no less than a treat for the art lovers. The Museum has more than 220,000 of masterpieces in all that consists of art and relics. The artifacts date back to the 14th century.

  1. Centre Pompidou (Paris)

The art gallery is not much old, but since its opening in the year 1977, it gathered a great reputation among the art lovers for featuring a mesmerizing collection of modern art and for presenting a flawless architecture.

  1. National Palace Museum (Taipei)

This is the most dignified and primary museum of China. The museum contains more the artifacts, art object and documents, and imperial collection of arts (650,000) that date back to more than 4,000 years, during the rule of Shang to the Qing era.

  1. National Gallery of Art ( Washington)

The National Gallery of Art located in Washington is not only famed for exhibiting the artifacts and art of its own country, but it features the masterworks such as painting, drawing, photographs, and every form of art from every country that is date back to 13th century.

  1. Tate Modern (London)

The museum holds an honored position in the world of art museums, and it features the modern arts that were created from the 1900s. The museum also presents the amazing architecture of various themes and different time period.

  1. British Museum (London)

One of the prominent art gallery and museums in the world, the British Museum has the best collection in the showcase, and the number of total showcase art objects has increased 8 million. The artifacts and object have been collected from different countries, and one will gather the best experience here.

  1. The Louvre Museum (Paris)

The king of all the art galleries and museum, the Louvre Museum is the best of all. Featuring the real painting of Mona Lisa, this museum is the oldest of all and, of, curse, the largest in the country, France. Since its establishment in the year 2007, the gallery left every museum behind and became the most visited museum. For any art lover, this museum serves as the heaven as it features the best art objects, work and all related to art from all over the world.

With these 8 must visit art galleries, a life of an art lover will be satisfied.

Art is Art and there is nothing more that need to be defined for this very word. It is a broader term that will confide in it all sorts of human activities or if we consider the Wikipedia’s idea – diverse range of human activities; be that some kind of visual thing or something in audio only or something that has performing artifacts and so on.