Top 10 Most Popular Paintings In The World And Where To Find Them

When we are talking about popular art works, then you can be sure that they were popular for some reasons. Considering the fact that there are millions of paintings in the world today, this art works could only be featured because they are the best paintings ever. In most cases, they are the best work of some of the best artists that ever lived. Here are 10 of such paintings and their current location.


In 1937, Pablo Picasso finished his most popular painting which is known as the Guernica. The art work was created in Paris, France. Guernica’s bombing, during the Civil War in Spain motivated the painting. The painting is currently available in Madrid, at the Reina Sofia Museum.

Self-Portrait Without Beard

The painting was a self-drawing by Vincent van Gogh. Even though he did a lot of personal portraits, it is among the few of himself he drew not rocking a beard as well as one of the last he drew. He gave the painting to his mother on his birthday. The painting is presently in private hands as it was bought in 1998 for $71.5 million.

The Night Watch

This very popular work of art was finished in 1642 by Rembrandt van Rijn. On the painting, is Captain Frans leading a city guard that is moving out. The art work is currently in Amsterdam, where it is exhibited at Rijks museum.

Girl with Pearl Earring

This painting, which was painted by Johannes Vermeer and finished in 1665 has the reputation of being the North’s Mona Lisa or the Dutch version of Mona Lisa. The painting is currently in Netherlands and exhibited at the Mauritshuis Gallery.

Persistence of Memory

This painting by Salvador Dali, completed in 1931 is a very popular art piece that is easily recognized by any art lover. It depicts how time is spent by people as well as how they live their life. The Theory of Relativity by Albert Einstein inspired the beautiful painting.


The art work, which was finished around 1893 is Edvard Munch’s most popular painting. He used pastel and oil to paint it on a cardboard. The painting is currently in Oslo, and exhibited at the National Gallery.

Starry Night

This is another very famous painting, which was completed in 1889, by Vincent van Gogh. It is one of modern culture’s most famous painting. The painting which was inspired by Don McLean’s song titled ‘Vincent’, is currently on display in New york at the Modern Art Museum.

Creation of Adam

The painting which was drawn by Michelangelo from 1508 to 1512 can be found on the ceiling of Vatican City’s Sistine Chapel. There are 8 other images from Genesis book of the bible that are also painted on the chapel’s ceiling.

Last Supper

The painting was drawn in the fifteenth century by Leonardo da Vinci. The painting can be found in Milan, at the back of Santa Maria dell Grazie Monastery’s dining hall.

Mona Lisa

Arguably the most popular painting in the world is Mona Lisa which was painted around 1504 by Leonardo da Vinci. You can find it at Paris, where it is a major reason people visit the Louvre museum.

All of these art works are the best paintings from the best artists. Even though seeing few could be extremely difficult since they are in private collection, most of them are still on display in museums or other locations, where they could even be seen for a little price or for free.

Art is Art and there is nothing more that need to be defined for this very word. It is a broader term that will confide in it all sorts of human activities or if we consider the Wikipedia’s idea – diverse range of human activities; be that some kind of visual thing or something in audio only or something that has performing artifacts and so on.