Top 10 Contemporary Art Galleries in West Africa

If you are hoping to experience the best of African art, then you should schedule a trip to West Africa. Here you can experience the rich traditional dress, art and music culture of West Africa, from countries such as Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory Coast amongst others. You will get to witness the embodiment of innovation, creation and education in Africa from these art galleries.

Abuja – Nigeria: Though Pyramid

The thought Pyramid is amongst the top most art education center in Africa. You get to see lovely collections from top Nigerian artists. These collections include sculptures and painting amongst others.

Accra – Ghana: Nubuke Foundation

If you are a fan of the culture of Ghana or you wonder what the traditional Ghana was like, then the Nubuke Foundation will easily introduce you to the style, culture, tradition and modernity in Ghana. You also get to see great art collection from artists including Mary Evans, Oko Martey and Serge Clottey.

Dakar – Senegal: Galerie Nationale d’Art

Appreciation and promotion of modern West African art has always being a part of the history of Senegal. The festival of Dak’Art, which is held twice a year, is widely attended both internationally and locally. You get to see the best art collection of Senegal in this gallery.

Dakar – Senegal: Galerie Le Manege

This gallery was established alongside Institut Francais in 2009. The gallery aims to show the changing scene of contemporary art in Senegal. The gallery has an exhibition area outside the building, while the inside of the building has wooden beams and high ceilings. You get to learn a lot about Senegalese culture in the gallery.

Ouidah – Benin: Fondation Zinsou

The aim of this gallery is to use art as a means to solving the problem of poverty in the country. Several educational programs are carried out in the gallery, with provisions for children to be able to access art through a variety of programs including Culture Bus.

Abidjan – Ivory Coast: Eureka Galerie

This gallery hosts the most diverse collection of contemporary art in Ivory coast, from both international and local artists. Many exhibitions that were very successful have being held in the gallery in recent times.

Lagos – Nigeria: Center for Contemporary Arts

The CCA is a non-profit gallery where artists promote and share their work in contemporary culture and art. There are also several interesting programs that attract both foreign and local attention.

Lagos – Nigeria: Omenga Gallery

This gallery is renowned for displaying art works from the best upcoming talents in Nigeria. It also features a lot of fascinating and exciting international art-fairs and exhibitions to promote the work of the artists.

Lome – Togo: Galerie Peter Herrmann

The Peter Herrmann gallery relocated to Lome from Berlin in 2013. The gallery, which features art works from Bill Kouelany, Aboudramane and Liz Crossley.

Abidjan – Ivory Coast: Galerie Cecile Fakhoury

In recent times, a lot of galleries of contemporary art are springing up in Ivory coast, making it a hub for artists in West Africa. The Galerie Cecile Fakhoury features a lot of impressive contemporary art works collection including colorful paintings that show the old and new West Africa.

These art galleries from West Africa will help you understand the culture and tradition of people in West Africa. You should also plan to visit the galleries when they have events and programs, to witness the true African tradition in display.

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