Best 10 Arts and Culture Cities In The World

Various societies all over the world have different cultures and art is a major means of portraying culture. Arts serve as a means of permanently depicting such culture for upcoming generations. Virtually every community therefore have artists who depicts the culture of their people in certain forms including sculpture, painting and paper works amongst others. Here are the best 10 arts and culture cities in the world, where local and international artists have being able to do a good job of depicting their culture through art.


Jerusalem is a city in Israel and is a major tourist attraction due to several historical sites as well as art depictions of several of the past events. While at Jerusalem, you should visit the YadVashem museum to uncover the complicated cultural and religious history of Jerusalem.


Venice is located in Italy and is widely renowned for its cuisine as well as art. You should witness the Venetian architecture at Galleria dell’ Accademia or Ca ‘Pesaro.

Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. located in the USA is a city that everybody should visit, even if it is just for once, during their life time. The country also has a lot of history, monuments and museums to fulfill your cultural and artistic tastes.

St. Petersburg

St Petersburg is the second biggest city in Russia and has being able to recover nicely from the Soviet Union past. You get to see nice and colorful richly-mosaiced exteriors, golden spires, mint-green facades and statues in the city.


Visiting England is sure to offer you an exciting stay, irrespective of how long you decide to stay. There are so many historical, cultural and artistic centres to visit including the Buckingahm Palace.

New York City

New York is another city that you should ensure you visit during your stay in this world. The city has the reputation of having more culture for every square mile, compared to other USA cities. You can also get a glimpse of cuisines and customs from all over the world in the city.


Rome is a very relevant city historically, which is located in Italy. Various artists and historians have being able to capture the history of the city for over 2,000 years in art. You should visit the 100,000 sqft Palazzo dell Espiozioni space for gallery.


Japan is another country with a very rich culture, tradition and history. Visit Kyoto to see a lot of these values in art. There are many temples and shrines to visit in this city to satisfy your artistic curiosity.


Florence is an Italian city that has been made very popular, in terms of art, by da Vinci, Botticelli and Michelangelo. You can therefore see several works of these artists in the city as well as those of many other local and international artists.


In this city, you get the opportunity of visiting many shops, landmarks and museums that vividly portrays the culture of the city as well as art works. There are also a lot of galleries where you can see the work of grand masters in art from all over the world.

If you are an art lover and wish to visit the countries where arts and culture are mostly portrayed, then these 10 cities should be on your must visit cities list.

Art is Art and there is nothing more that need to be defined for this very word. It is a broader term that will confide in it all sorts of human activities or if we consider the Wikipedia’s idea – diverse range of human activities; be that some kind of visual thing or something in audio only or something that has performing artifacts and so on.