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8 Independent Art Galleries You Should Visit In Paris

Paris is reputed to be an art capital of the world as it has since been the paradise of art aficionado. The city has a lot of white spaces, creative events and public galleries where art is celebrated. From all of these galleries in Paris, here are 8 that you should visit.

Millesime Gallery

This gallery is located under the Eiffel Tower laced steelwork. The gallery often hunt for talented upcoming artists and have being the instrumental to the success of many international artists. One of such events designed to hunt for new talents is its affiliated workshop for photo framing also known as Cadre Art. You might also get to see unframed artworks preview from the manager, if you drop in on a lucky day.

Laurent Godin

Laurent Godin is located in Centre Pompidou. The gallery has just 3 rooms where contemporary art works such as plasticiens and sculptors. You further get tutorials on the art works available in the gallery. Laurent Godin is especially appealing to individuals who enjoy story-telling arts.

Yvon Lambert

Carl Andre and Lawrence Weiner are amongst the pioneering conceptualism artists that have being showcased by Yvon Lambert gallery, in line with their vision. The gallery was launched in 1966 and aims towards presenting intense, innovative and ambitious artistic projects. You also have the opportunity to pick a publication of art that will serve as a reminder of your visit to the gallery.

Galerie du Jour – Agnes B

Agnes B is another lovely gallery located in Centre Pompidou. It was named after the founder of the gallery, where about 10 shows are hosted every year. A library was also added to the gallery in 2009. The gallery also publishes magazines about new artists, their motivation and style.

La Maison Rouge

Antoine de Galbert initiative led to the establishment of the La Maison Rouge. The aim of the gallery was to temporarily display collections of upcoming contemporary artists. It also has an event 3 times a year where visitors can come around to mix delectation with décor from Rose Bakery.


Xippas is located in Paris Marias area and is a powerhouse for art works was established in 1990 by RenoxXippas. It also features galleries and showrooms from France, Uruguay, Switzerland and Greece. The interior, which is beautifully made, displays the works of established and upcoming artists.

Le Marechalerie

You can easily visit the La Marechalerie, which is located in Versailles by taking a bus or train, away from the Paris central area. The major works displayed by the gallery include work that are inspired by and dedicated to means of reconfiguring and diverting urban circumstantial constraints.

Fondation Cartier

The foundation Cartier, is a contemporary museum for art that was founded in 1984. Even though it is far from middle of Parris, it is surrounded by an idyllic woodland garden, which in itself, adds to the excitement of visiting the museum.

Your visit to Paris will therefore not be complete if you have not seen at least 4 of the art galleries that are listed on this page. There are also several other art galleries in Paris, that makes it truly an art capital.

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