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8 Art Museums You Must See In The United States

A museum is generally defined as a building where cultural, artistic, scientific or historical interests are displayed. There are a lot of museums in the United States of America where you can easily satisfy your interests in these areas earlier listed. However, here are 8 of the arts museums that you must see in the United States.

Digital Media Adobe Museum

With the recent advancement in digital media and art, you have the opportunity of enjoying some of the best at the Adobe Museum. You also get the opportunity of having a glimpse of what you stand to benefit by visiting the museum, from the comfort of your home, on their website.

Computer Art Museum

The computer Art Museum was opened in 1993 and has since become a leading digital museum on the Internet. You get the opportunity of seeing different enhanced photography, art painted with computer, animation and 3-D rendered art amongst others. Everybody are allowed to make submissions including artists that are not very experienced.

Seattle Art Museum

This museum has 3 components namely the Olympic Sculpture park, the Asian art museum and the main museum. There are several magnificent art works in all 3 components of the museum as they are a collection of over 20,000 art works.

Isabella Stewart Gardner

The museum located in Boston has the portraits from many popular artist including Botticelli, Michelangelo, Raphael and Degas. You will have the opportunity of seen the works of this famous artist for free if you visit on your birth day or if your name is Isabella.

Digital Art Austin Museum

Among the top museums in the USA is the Austin museum in Texas. You have the opportunity of seeing a variety of digital arts from their website and their structure in Texas.

Modern Art San Francisco Museum

A very popular structure in the center of San Fracisco, a very beautiful United States city, is the Modern Art San Francisco Museum. The museum boasts of a wide variety of different sizes, colors and shapes of modern art. There are several lovely and important collections of painting, sculptures and photography at the museum.

Frick Collection

During your next visit to Manhattan, do not leave without seeing the Frick Collection. You get to see old paintings of very high qualities that were painted by very popular artists such as Manet, Goya and Rembrandt. You also get to see several Italian bronzes, porcelain vases and upscale furniture classical array.

National Gallery of Art

This list will not be complete without mentioning perhaps, the most popular art gallery in the United States. It was a gift from Andrew Mellon and offers free admission to see some of the best art works, you will ever see anywhere in the world.

Irrespective of your taste in art, you have the opportunity to have your fill in nice museums that are scattered all over the USA. From these 8 museums, you get to see different type of arts including traditional, historical, digital, artistic and scientific.

Art is Art and there is nothing more that need to be defined for this very word. It is a broader term that will confide in it all sorts of human activities or if we consider the Wikipedia’s idea – diverse range of human activities; be that some kind of visual thing or something in audio only or something that has performing artifacts and so on.