5 Top Art Galleries in London

London has the reputation of being an art and culture cosmopolitan center. The city also hosts several comprehensive and influential galleries of art worldwide. These art galleries are regularly visited by residents in London as well as tourists from all over the world. In the galleries, you get to see a lot of neo-classicist, medieval, avant-garde and modern art works amongst several others. Furthermore, there are some of the art galleries which admit visitors for free while most others only request a very low fee. Tourists on low budget can therefore see the art works without having to exceed their budget. Here are some of the 5 top art galleries in London.

National Portrait Gallery

The primary collection of the National Portrait Gallery has about 11,000 portraits, while the reference collection has about 80,000 collections. These portraits and collections give a wide historical perspective and artistic journey. The gallery was established in 1856 with its initial policy expanded to include miniatures, scriptures and paintings. If you are looking for art examples that are outstanding, then you should visit the top floor which houses the Elizabethan and Tudor galleries.

Queen’s Gallery

At Buckingham Palace, you can visit the Queen’s gallery if you are looking for an art style that is more traditional. You also get to see unique furnishings, paintings and sculpture collection which past England Kings and Queens are collecting. You have the opportunity of seeing the preferences and tastes of different monarchs that are displayed. Among the displayed drawings are many Michaelangelo drawings and 600 Leonardo da Vinci drawings. There is also more than 5,500 collections of Raphael. This gallery has the reputation of having British collection of portraits that are unparalleled and European Old Masters extensive holdings.

Royal Academy

If you love to see modern British Arts, then you will be sure to see a wide styles and movement range and eclectic displays at Royal Academy. Despite focusing on modern art from Britain, arts by international artists are occasionally featured. Sales and display of exhibition at nominal fees during a summer exhibition are carried out every year in the gallery. If you wish to participate, you are advised to apply early, as a lot of artists and people from all over the world usually attend.

Tate Britain

Tate Britain offers you to see a lot of gallery from the present up to as long ago as 1500. You therefore have the opportunity to see both modern and very traditional art works in this gallery. The gallery also hosts a Turner prize where an award is given to innovative contemporary artist in December every year.

Tate Modern Art Gallery

This gallery has the reputation of housing the largest modern art collection worldwide. The arts include abstract expressionism, cubism, pop art, post-impressionism and surrealism. You also get the opportunity to take a Tate Boat ride at the gallery.

London is one of the cities that boast of some of the top art galleries in the world. The 5 art galleries listed above are among the best you will find anywhere in the world. You should therefore plan to visit these galleries when next you are in London.

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